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Hygiene Services

The Canadian Dental Association recommends getting your teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year, more often if needed. Professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and above your gum line where brushing and flossing don’t reach.

Our preventative dentistry services include professional cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment and x-ray diagnosis of decay and injury.

Sealants are a thin, protective coating that is applied onto the tooth surface and are especially effective in cavity control for children.

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Night Guard

A night guard is a device placed in the mouth on top of the teeth to help with grinding and clenching. Grinding implies the moving of the jaw back and forth, while clenching is biting down with pressure for an extended period of time. The guard acts as a protective layer between your top and bottom teeth.

Night guards don’t stop you from clenching or grinding, but they serve as a cushion so that your teeth wear down the guard rather than your teeth. They also give your jaw rest while you sleep.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Regular checkups with your dentist help more than just your smile. They’re an important chance for the dentist to check for signs of oral cancer. Everyone should see a dentist at least once a year to keep their mouths healthy.


During a Screening Test

There are different levels of oral cancer screening, and the dentist is most likely to give you a basic exam that includes a thorough look at all the parts of your mouth, including:

  • Your lips, both outside and inside
  • Your gums
  • Your tongue, from all sides and underneath
  • The insides of your cheeks
  • The roof of your mouth
  • The back of your throat

The exam takes just a few minutes.

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Gum Therapy

It is very important that patients understand gum disease, only then can they understand the importance of treatment. First, it is important to understand that gum disease is not an infection .We all have plaque on our teeth, it is the white soft buildup that can be easily scraped off. When plaque is not 100% removed from the teeth, it begins to steal minerals from the saliva and build into tartar. Tartar often can be nearly as hard as bone. The toothbrush and floss now are no match.

Gum therapy includes two procedures: scaling and root planing. These procedures include the removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from the crown and root surfaces of teeth. Where required, they get rid of the roughened cementum and surface dentin that is impregnated withcalculus, microorganisms, and their toxins.

These procedures can be performed using both ultrasonic and hand instruments.

After your root planing and scaling procedure, the dentist may also prescribe medication to help treat any infection.


Transform Your Smile

Your smile is very important, So walk into the Face Makeover and Smile Clinics and pamper yourselves with a best cosmetic dentist, smile designing, that can gift you DOC.DMD.

  • Zoom ligt activated system
  • Beyond ligt activated system
  • Opalescence boost chemically activated system
  • Home bleaching chemically activated system
  • Laser treat whitening

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